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CDBG Urban Renewal Authority and 
 Community Development

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Q:CDBG Five Year Consolidated Plan FY 2010 - FY 2014
Q:CDBG One Year Action Plan FY 2013-2014
Q:How do I qualify?
Q:What can the CDBG loans/grants be used for?
Q:What is a CAPER?
Q:What is HUD's Median Family Income?
The Median Family Income (MFI) limits are established by HUD at the beginning of each calendar year. The income limits are used to qualify applicants for assistance. Qualified applicants must fall within 30% to 80% of the MFI limits. The following are the 2015-2016 income limits:
30% MFI
Emergency Assistance:
1 person $22,600
2 persons $25,800
3 persons $29,050
4 persons $32,250
5 persons $34,850
6 persons $37,450
7 persons $40,000
8 persons $42,600
80% MFI
Emergency Home Repair:
1 person $36,150
2 persons $41,300
3 persons $46,450
4 persons $51,600
5 persons $55,750
6 persons $59,900
7 persons $64,000
8 persons $68,150
Total Household Income cannot exceed the above MFI limits established by HUD to qualify for all programs.
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Q:What is the Urban Renewal Authority and CDBG?
Q:What kinds of loans and grants are available?

The Urban Renewal Division admin

Housing Rehabilitation

The City of Shawnee annually receives Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG) from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

To be eligible for housing rehabilitation programs, the applicant must own and have occupied their home continuously for one (1) year.   The applicant must meet pre-determined income guidelines and their home must have some deficiency with the City Code and HUD’s Housing Quality Standards.

Housing rehabilitation programs are designed with the intent to create safe, decent and affordable housing in the City of Shawnee. The following is a list of housing rehabilitation programs offered by the City of Shawnee, through its’ agent the Shawnee Urban Renewal Authority (SURA).

Due to a reduction in funding, the Emergency Assistance Grant is the only grant we are offering at this time.    

Emergency Assistance (EA) – Earned Grant – A five (5) year mortgage will be placed on the home and the owner will earn 20% of the rehab amount each year the owner resides in the house for five (5) years.t.

To apply, contact the Urban Renewal Office, call (405) 273-1938 during regular business hours.

More information is available in THIS PDF PAMPHLET