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City Manager Report- February 2017
The February 2017 City Manager report from City Manager, Justin Erickson, has been published. The full PDF report outlines various activities, projects and updates for the City of Shawnee and its local government operations. Follow the link to read the full document.

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Shawnee Releases Community Survey Results
The City of Shawnee is releasing survey results from its first comprehensive community survey (click here for PDF). A total of 420 households responded to the random sample survey and 480 individuals completed the open online survey. The survey results highlight a number of areas where the City is meeting national benchmarks along with areas where we are not.

A presentation and summary of the survey results was provided to the Shawnee City Commission on February 21st, and a copy of the presentation may be viewed here (click here for PDF). The City would like to extend gratitude to all those community members that participated in the survey. Your feedback is very valuable and will be used to review City services, initiatives, and projects and plan for the future.

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Q:How do I register my storm shelter?
Storm shelters can be registered by calling 405-878-1650 with your information.
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Q:What is the Storm Shelter Registration Program?
The Shawnee/Pottawatomie County Emergency Management Agency announced an initiative on Friday, June 8, 2001 to catalog the location of all residential safe rooms and underground shelters in Pottawatomie County. This is a voluntary program that will provide a list of the location of shelters to assist fire and rescue personnel in the event of a tornado.

“By submitting information to us, citizens will be assisting us in developing a list of these shelter locations which will be given to the fire departments to assist them in finding these shelters that may be covered in debris, resulting in faster and more efficient rescue efforts.” Donald Lynch, Emergency Management Director said.

The inspiration for this program came from a similar program recently announced in Midwest City. Many residents will remember seeing the piles of debris around homes affected by the May 3, 1999 tornadoes. Fire and rescue personnel spent a good deal of time searching through debris looking for victims who might have been trapped in underground shelters. Having experienced the brunt of the tornado, Midwest City developed a registration program to assist their personnel with easily locating these shelters in case of future tornadoes. “When we heard about the Midwest City program, we thought a similar program would be of great benefit to our county. A couple of days later, Mrs. Betty Rogers called and asked if we had heard about the program. She thought is was a great idea also and volunteered to assist us with the project.” Lynch said.

“We’re delighted that Mrs. Rogers will be assisting us with this project. She will be very helpful to this effort.” Lynch commented.
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