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9-1-1 Services

Q:How do I get a 9-1-1 Address?
Q:How does 9-1-1 Work?
Q:What is 9-1-1?
Q:What is the "Printable Pottawatomie County Street Index"?
This is an index map of all the streets, roads, drives, etc that are found within the 9-1-1 area that the City of Shawnee is responsible for managing. Driving directions from other streets can be found for each one.
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Q:What is the ''Online Pottawatomie County Street Index ''?

Action Center

Q:How do I report a problem property?
Q:How does Code Enforcement Work?
Q:What about Garage Sales?
Q:What about other code violations?
Q:What determines if my grass is too high?
Q:What is a "Dilapated Structure"?
Q:What is a ''Derelict Vehicle''?

Animal Shelter

Q:Can I view shelter animals on a website?
Q:How long will my pet be kept at the Animal Shelter?
Q:If you have lost your pet, what should you do
Q:What hours is the Shawnee Animal Shelter open?
Q:What if I want to trap an animal such as a skunk
Q:Where can I get a license for my pet?
Q:Where is the Animal Shelter Located?

CDBG Urban Renewal

Q:CDBG Five Year Consolidated Plan FY 2010 - FY 2014
Q:CDBG One Year Action Plan FY 2013-2014
Q:How do I qualify?
Q:What can the CDBG loans/grants be used for?
Q:What is a CAPER?
Q:What is HUD's Median Family Income?
Q:What is the Urban Renewal Authority and CDBG?
Q:What kinds of loans and grants are available?


Q:Can I find where my loved ones are buried online?

City Connect

Q:!What is City Connect
Q:!When and where does City Connect air
Q:How do I know what is on Channel 30?
Q:How do I watch City Connect on my computer

City Government

Q:Can I see the Commission Meetings online?
Q:Can I watch the meetings on TV?
Q:How can I review the City Charter?
Q:Is the City of Shawnee a "Strong Mayor" City?
Q:When does the City Commission Meet?

Emergency Management

Q:How do I register my storm shelter?
Q:What is the Storm Shelter Registration Program?

Finance Department

Q:How is the 3% sales tax revenue allocated within the City's budget?
Q:What is the sales tax rate for the City of Shawnee?
Q:What type of Accounting Structure does the City use?
Q:What type of Fiscal Year does the City operate around?

Fire Department

Q:How can I find out how close a fire hydrant is to my home or business?
Q:What is the Mission of the Shawnee Fire Department

Human Resources

Q:Can I just submit my application/resume for when something becomes available?
Q:How do I apply for a job with the City?
Q:How do I get an interview?
Q:How long do you keep an application on file?
Q:Once I have applied for a position, will I be contacted?
Q:What benefits does the City provide?
Q:What happens once the department has made a decision on who they would like to hire?
Q:Where do I find job applications?
Q:Where is the Human Resources Office located?

Information Systems

Q:How do I report something is inaccurate on the website?
Q:What does ''Information Systems'' department do?
Q:Who manages the website?

Municipal Court

Q:Can I pay my ticket online?
Q:Can I pay with my Credit Card?
Q:How many citations or tickets do officers write?
Q:What happens if I do not pay my ticket?
Q:What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
Q:Where do I pay a ticket?


Q:Do we have an Adopt-A-Street Program in Shawnee?
Q:Where can I find a list and map of Shawnee Parks
Q:Who oversees the operation and maintenance of our parks?

Police Department

Q:How do I get an Accident Report Form?
Q:What if I know about a crime or a criminal?
Q:What if my car was impounded?
Q:What is the Citizens Police Academy?
Q:What number do I call for non-emergency reports?
Q:When are quite hours for Shawnee
Q:Where can I get a copy of a report?
Q:Where do I call if I have information on a crime, but want to stay anonymous?
Q:Where do I go to pay a ticket?
Q:Where is the County Courthouse?
Q:Where is the jail located?
Q:Where is the Police Department located?

Public Works

Q:??What happened to the Public Works Department??
Q:How do I contact the Public Works department?
Q:How do I report a street light that is out or damaged?


Q:Can I choose joint and survivor options at any time during employment?
Q:Can the plan pay a minor child as a beneficiary?
Q:If I am retired and receiving my pension check, does anyone get my retirement after I die?
Q:If I die as an active employee who gets my retirement?
Q:If I selected 66 2/3rds joint and survivor, will my pension be reduced if my spouse dies before me?


Q:How does the automated polycart system work?
Q:I have just setup service what day will my new polycart be delivered?
Q:I need to order an extra polycart, who do I call? What day will I get it?
Q:I received house side service due to a disability, will Central Disposal provide as well?
Q:What day will my yard waste be picked up?
Q:What is the schedule for curbside bulk waste pick-up?
Q:What should I do if my navy blue Central Disposal polycart hasnít been delivered?
Q:When is my Polycart picked up each week?
Q:Who do I call if I have a trash complaint?
Q:Who do I contact if I have a question or complaint about my trash service?
Q:Who provides the sanitation or trash pickup for Shawnee?

Utility Department

Q:!! City Takes Comprehensive Approach as it Plans for Critical Infrastructure Improvements !!
Q:Are deposit(s) required for Water or Wastewater Services?
Q:Can I pay my utility bill automatically?
Q:Can I pay my utility bill Online?
Q:Do you charge a penalty if I pay my bill late?
Q:What about any Water Meter or Water Tap Requirements?
Q:What are your office hours?
Q:What happens if I do not pay my utility bill?
Q:What is required to get utility service with the City of Shawnee?
Q:Where do I pay my water bill?
Q:Who do I call for emergency after hours or weekends?
Q:Who do I call for sanitation/garbage service problems?
Q:Who do I make my check out to for my utility payment?

Water Treatment

Q:Can pregnant women drink chloraminated water?
Q:Can you safely wash an open wound with chloraminated water?
Q:Can you safely water plants, vegetables or fruit and nut trees with chloraminated water?
Q:Chloramine Public Notice March 7, 2007
Q:Do I need to buy a water softener?
Q:How do I know that my water is safe to drink?
Q:How much fluoride is added to the water?
Q:If chloramines are harmful to fish, how can people safely drink the water?
Q:What about the 2012 Yield Study?
Q:What about water rationing?
Q:What are Chloramines?
Q:What are the major benefits associated with chloramination?
Q:What do I do if my water does not flow?
Q:What is the metal content of the water?
Q:What special precautions should fish owners take with chloraminated water?
Q:What special precautions should kidney dialysis patients take with chloraminated water?
Q:Where do I find the Consumer Confidence Reports for each year?
Q:Where does my water come from?
Q:Why are chloramines a problem for kidney dialysis patients and aquarium owners?
Q:Why does my water sometime taste or smell like swimming pool water
Q:Why does my water sometimes look brown?
Q:Why does my water sometimes look ''milky'' or ''cloudy''?
Q:Will chloramines be removed by boiling the water?
Q:Will chloramines dissipate, or dissolve, out of the water?
Q:Will there be any noticeable changes with chloraminated water?