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9-1-1 Services

Q:How do I get a 9-1-1 Address?
Q:How does 9-1-1 Work?
Q:What is 9-1-1?
Q:What is the "Printable Pottawatomie County Street Index"?
Q:What is the ''Online Pottawatomie County Street Index ''?

Action Center

Q:How do I report a problem property?
Q:How does Code Enforcement Work?
Q:What about Garage Sales?
Q:What about other code violations?
Q:What determines if my grass is too high?
Q:What is a "Dilapated Structure"?
Q:What is a ''Derelict Vehicle''?

Animal Shelter

Q:Can I view shelter animals on a website?
Q:How long will my pet be kept at the Animal Shelter?
Q:If you have lost your pet, what should you do
Q:What hours is the Shawnee Animal Shelter open?
Q:What if I want to trap an animal such as a skunk
Q:Where can I get a license for my pet?
Q:Where is the Animal Shelter Located?

CDBG Urban Renewal

Q:CDBG Five Year Consolidated Plan FY 2010 - FY 2014
Q:CDBG One Year Action Plan FY 2013-2014
Q:How do I qualify?
Q:What can the CDBG loans/grants be used for?
Q:What is a CAPER?
Q:What is HUD's Median Family Income?
Q:What is the Urban Renewal Authority and CDBG?
Q:What kinds of loans and grants are available?


Q:Can I find where my loved ones are buried online?

City Connect

Q:!What is City Connect
Q:!When and where does City Connect air
Q:How do I know what is on Channel 30?
Q:How do I watch City Connect on my computer

City Government

Q:Can I see the Commission Meetings online?
Q:Can I watch the meetings on TV?
Q:How can I review the City Charter?
Q:Is the City of Shawnee a "Strong Mayor" City?
Q:When does the City Commission Meet?

Emergency Management

Q:How do I register my storm shelter?
Q:What is the Storm Shelter Registration Program?

Finance Department

Q:How is the 3% sales tax revenue allocated within the City's budget?
Q:What is the sales tax rate for the City of Shawnee?
Q:What type of Accounting Structure does the City use?
Q:What type of Fiscal Year does the City operate around?

Fire Department

Q:How can I find out how close a fire hydrant is to my home or business?
Q:What is the Mission of the Shawnee Fire Department

Human Resources

Q:Can I just submit my application/resume for when something becomes available?
Q:How do I apply for a job with the City?
Q:How do I get an interview?
Q:How long do you keep an application on file?
Q:Once I have applied for a position, will I be contacted?
Q:What benefits does the City provide?
Q:What happens once the department has made a decision on who they would like to hire?
Q:Where do I find job applications?
Q:Where is the Human Resources Office located?

Information Systems

Q:How do I report something is inaccurate on the website?
Q:What does ''Information Systems'' department do?
Q:Who manages the website?

Municipal Court

Q:Can I pay my ticket online?
Q:Can I pay with my Credit Card?
Q:How many citations or tickets do officers write?
Q:What happens if I do not pay my ticket?
Q:What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
Q:Where do I pay a ticket?


Q:Do we have an Adopt-A-Street Program in Shawnee?
Q:Where can I find a list and map of Shawnee Parks
Q:Who oversees the operation and maintenance of our parks?

Police Department

Q:How do I get an Accident Report Form?
Q:What if I know about a crime or a criminal?
Q:What if my car was impounded?
Q:What is the Citizens Police Academy?
Q:What number do I call for non-emergency reports?
Q:When are quite hours for Shawnee
Q:Where can I get a copy of a report?
Q:Where do I call if I have information on a crime, but want to stay anonymous?
Q:Where do I go to pay a ticket?
Q:Where is the County Courthouse?
Q:Where is the jail located?
Q:Where is the Police Department located?

Public Works

Q:??What happened to the Public Works Department??
Q:How do I contact the Public Works department?
Q:How do I report a street light that is out or damaged?


Q:Can I choose joint and survivor options at any time during employment?
Q:Can the plan pay a minor child as a beneficiary?
Q:If I am retired and receiving my pension check, does anyone get my retirement after I die?
Q:If I die as an active employee who gets my retirement?
Q:If I selected 66 2/3rds joint and survivor, will my pension be reduced if my spouse dies before me?


Q:How does the automated polycart system work?
Q:I have just setup service what day will my new polycart be delivered?
Q:I need to order an extra polycart, who do I call? What day will I get it?
Q:I received house side service due to a disability, will Central Disposal provide as well?
Q:What day will my yard waste be picked up?
Q:What is the schedule for curbside bulk waste pick-up?
Q:What should I do if my navy blue Central Disposal polycart hasnít been delivered?
Q:When is my Polycart picked up each week?
Q:Who do I call if I have a trash complaint?
Q:Who do I contact if I have a question or complaint about my trash service?
Q:Who provides the sanitation or trash pickup for Shawnee?

Utility Department

Q:!! City Takes Comprehensive Approach as it Plans for Critical Infrastructure Improvements !!
City Takes Comprehensive Approach as it Plans for Critical Infrastructure Improvements

The City of Shawnee recently underwent an analysis of current and future needs while preparing a long-range water and sewer capital improvement plan. Implementation of this plan will ensure that residents and customers continue to have access to clean water and an exceptional wastewater disposal system. It will also provide for future commercial, residential and industrial growth. The planned improvements are highlighted herein.

The first proposed project includes construction of a new 30-inch raw waterline from Shawnee Twin Lakes to the water treatment plant (a distance of 9.5 miles), which is estimated at $13.5 million. Other projects include replacement of pumps and controls for $1.5 million and intake valves at lake #2 for $450,000. These are especially critical needs as the principal water delivery system for the City and our customers. This new primary line will replace the original line constructed in the 1930s which is no longer in use. The waterline used at present dates to the 1960s and will remain available as a backup delivery source.

Other proposed improvements include required upgrades to the north-side wastewater treatment plant, south-side wastewater treatment plant and the water treatment plant. Construction of an additional water tower, improvements to the Atoka Waterline and several other projects are also planned. All told, $55 million in improvements are proposed. While these projects are not very visible, they are essential to Shawnee residents and represent the most significant series of system upgrades in decades.

As a result of the above-noted infrastructure needs, there is a planned water/sewer rate increase that may be implemented as soon as late-2009. For the average residential customer who uses 5,000 gallons of water per month, the expected combined water/sewer rate increase is $7.73 per month in the first year. We understand that increased rates can be frustrating. However, the proposed improvements are absolutely necessary to maintain and improve the systems that we all rely on everyday. Utility rates pay for the delivery of clean drinking water and the removal of wastewater and sewage, including the construction, operation, and maintenance of all utilities and associated infrastructure.

We would like to thank Shawnee residents for their patience and understanding during the coming months. This planned investment in our infrastructure system will ensure that the City will be able to provide exceptional service indefinitely, while preserving and improving the quality of life residents enjoy. It is a pleasure to serve you.

For the official press release click here
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Q:Are deposit(s) required for Water or Wastewater Services?
Q:Can I pay my utility bill automatically?
Q:Can I pay my utility bill Online?
Q:Do you charge a penalty if I pay my bill late?
Q:What about any Water Meter or Water Tap Requirements?
Q:What are your office hours?
Q:What happens if I do not pay my utility bill?
Q:What is required to get utility service with the City of Shawnee?
Q:Where do I pay my water bill?
Q:Who do I call for emergency after hours or weekends?
Q:Who do I call for sanitation/garbage service problems?
Q:Who do I make my check out to for my utility payment?

Water Treatment

Q:Can pregnant women drink chloraminated water?
Q:Can you safely wash an open wound with chloraminated water?
Q:Can you safely water plants, vegetables or fruit and nut trees with chloraminated water?
Q:Chloramine Public Notice March 7, 2007
Q:Do I need to buy a water softener?
Q:How do I know that my water is safe to drink?
Q:How much fluoride is added to the water?
Q:If chloramines are harmful to fish, how can people safely drink the water?
Q:What about the 2012 Yield Study?
Q:What about water rationing?
Q:What are Chloramines?
Q:What are the major benefits associated with chloramination?
Q:What do I do if my water does not flow?
Q:What is the metal content of the water?
Q:What special precautions should fish owners take with chloraminated water?
Q:What special precautions should kidney dialysis patients take with chloraminated water?
Q:Where do I find the Consumer Confidence Reports for each year?
Q:Where does my water come from?
Q:Why are chloramines a problem for kidney dialysis patients and aquarium owners?
Q:Why does my water sometime taste or smell like swimming pool water
Q:Why does my water sometimes look brown?
Q:Why does my water sometimes look ''milky'' or ''cloudy''?
Q:Will chloramines be removed by boiling the water?
Q:Will chloramines dissipate, or dissolve, out of the water?
Q:Will there be any noticeable changes with chloraminated water?