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Date: 12/21/2015Board: City CommissionDocumentType: MinutesWeb Posted: 1/20/2016 2:06:25 PM
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DECEMBER 21, 2015 AT 6:30 P.M.
The Board of City Commissioners of the City of Shawnee, County of Pottawatomie, State of Oklahoma, met in Regular Session in the Commission Chambers at City Hall,9th and Broadway, Shawnee, Oklahoma, Monday, December 21, 2015 at 6:30 p.m., pursuant to notice duly posted as prescribed by law. Mayor Mainord presided and called the meeting to order. Upon roll call, the following members were in attendance.

Wes Mainord

Vacant Linda Agee
Commissioner Ward 1 Commissioner Ward 2

James Harrod Keith Hall
Commissioner Ward 3-Vice Mayor Commissioner Ward 4

Lesa Shaw Micheal Dykstra
Commissioner Ward 5 Commissioner Ward 6

INVOCATION The Lord’s Prayer

FLAG SALUTE Led by Commissioner Hall

AGENDA ITEM NO. 1: Consider approval of Consent Agenda:

1. Consider approval of Consent Agenda:

a. Acknowledge staff will proceed in the instant meeting with the opening and consideration of bids as set forth in Agenda Item No. 8.

b. Minutes from the December 7, 2015 regular meeting.

c. Acknowledge the following minutes:
• Shawnee Urban Renewal Authority Minutes from October 6, 2015 meeting

d. Lake Lease Renewals:

• Lot 6 Roewe Tract, 15507 Perry Rd.
Lessees: Candace and William Collie

• Lot 4 Bodkin Tract, 15812 Bodkin Rd.
Lessees: Ronald and Paulette Cook

• Lot 5 Bodkin Tract, 15816 Bodkin Rd.
Lessee: Lahoma Gallagher

• Lot 14/15 Johnston Tract, 16618 Stevens Rd.
Lessee: Tommie Howard

• Lot 16 Johnston Tract, 16614 Stevens Rd.
Lessee: Tommie Howard

• Lot 13 Damron Tract, 15600 Hwy 102
Lessees: Jerry Knox and Monty Garner

e. Mayor’s appointments:

Shawnee Public Library Board

David Houghton – 2nd Full Term Expires 6-30-2018

Kevin Huddleston – 2nd Full Term Expires 6-30-2018

f. Acceptance of Boy Scout Restroom project placing Maintenance Bonds into effect and approving final payment.

g. Accept Utility Easements, i.e. sanitary sewer & water line, for The Garage at Shawnee Mall and a letter of credit in lieu of completion of public improvements, authorizing obtainment of signatures and recording of the final plat.

h. Budget Amendment – General Fund
To adjust capital account for Fire to redo station 2 on Main Street

Commissioner Shaw requested that Agenda Item Nos. 1(d), (e), and (h) be pulled for separate consideration.

Regarding Agenda Item No. 1(d), Commissioner Shaw noted an error on the date of a report that accompanied the lake lease. City Manager Justin Erickson stated that a correction would be made.

Regarding Agenda Item No. 1(e), Commissioner Shaw inquired about the application process of reappointing members to boards, and if the applications are kept on file. City Manager Erickson explained the application procedure for board appointments.

Regarding Agenda Item No. 1(h), Commissioner Shaw asked that this item be tabled for City Commissioner to review at a later date, stating that she has some concerns.

A motion was made by Vice Mayor Harrod, seconded by Commissioner Shaw, to approve Consent Agenda Item Nos. 1(a-h) as written. Motion carried 5-1.

AYE: Harrod, Mainord, Hall, Dykstra, Agee
NAY: Shaw

AGENDA ITEM NO. 2: Citizens Participation
(A three minute limit per person)
(A twelve minute limit per topic)

There was no Citizens Participation.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 3: Discussion regarding cancelling January 4, 2016 City Commission meeting.

A motion was made by Vice Mayor Harrod, seconded by Commissioner Hall, to approve the cancellation of the January 4, 2016 City Commission meeting. Motion carried 6-0.

AYE: Harrod, Hall, Shaw, Dykstra, Agee, Mainord
NAY: None

AGENDA ITEM NO. 4: Consider a resolution of support indicating favorable consideration for a tax credit award to Zimmerman Properties, LLC to construct a new 48-unit senior multi-family housing development known as Shawnee Estates approximately ¼ mile East of North Harrison on Transportation Parkway.

Mr. Erickson gave the staff report and explained that this is Phase 2 of the project, which will add forty-eight units to the existing structure. Zimmerman Properties, LLC received a tax credit award to build Phase 1 which consisted of sixty units.
Commissioners debated whether there is a need for additional low income housing in the City of Shawnee. Commissioners requested that staff provide a study showing income demographics for the City to determine need. Commissioner Hall stated he would like the City to develop a policy regarding the building of low income housing and the support of tax credits.
A motion was made by Commissioner Hall, seconded by Commissioner Dykstra, to defer this item. Motion carried 5-1.

AYE: Hall, Dykstra, Agee, Harrod, Mainord
NAY: Shaw

AGENDA ITEM NO. 5: Presentation of grant funds received from Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) for the Boy Scout Splash Pad and Restroom project.

Ms. Connie Befort from the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust presented grant funds in the amount of $110,000 to Mayor Mainord. These funds made the Splash Pad and Restroom Project at Boy Scout Park possible.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 6: Acknowledge Sales Tax Report received December 2015.

Cynthia Sementelli, Finance Director, reported that December sales tax collected this month was $1,506,784.00, which is up 4.51% from 2014 and up 14.58% from 2013. Ms. Sementelli also stated that for the fiscal year 2015-2016 it is up 4.92% over fiscal year 2014-2015.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 7: City Manager Update

City Manager Justin Erickson gave updates on the following city issues:

a) Rehab will soon start on the old Fire Station No. 2 on Main Street. Opening this location while the Bryan Street station is being renovated will allow the Fire Department to expand its coverage. Regarding the Fire Station on Bryan Street, ten (10) engineering firms have responded to the rehabilitation request by the City. Staff will review and select one firm to present to the City Commission for approval at the January 19, 2016, City Commission meeting.

b) Regarding the heating and air installation at the Municipal Auditorium, staff will present to the Commission for approval the design firm selected at the January 19th or February 1, 2016 meeting.

c) Regarding trails and sidewalks: The sidewalk along Bryan Street is nearly complete and the installation of a sidewalk from Sequoyah School to Bryan Street will soon begin. The track lighting along the Airport trail is moving along quickly and is expected to be completed by the end of this month or early January 2016. Further, a sidewalk will be constructed on Union Street to MacArthur as part of an Avedis grant to Shawnee Public Schools.

d) All agreements have been executed regarding the Downtown Streetscape project and work is expected to begin January 19, 2016.

In response to questions from Commissioners, Mr. Erickson addressed the following issues as well:

Commissioner Shaw asked about additional lighting along Bryan Street once the sidewalk project has been completed. Mr. Erickson stated that staff will determine if additional lighting is needed and will work with the Traffic Commission to add fixtures if necessary.
Commissioner Agee requested from the City Manager a color-coded map showing existing sidewalks and proposed sidewalk projects.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 8: Consider Bids/Proposals:

a. Proposals for Snow and Ice Removal Assistance (Open/Award)

Pipeline & Tank Services LLC

Unit Number Monthly Rental Weekly Rental Daily Rental Hourly Rental
John Deere
638287UD $8,510.00 $2,127.00 $303.00 $225.00

John Deere
654565NW $5,750.00 $1,437.50 $205.50 $225.00
Unit 010
John Deere
FE288481 $2,070.00 $517.50 $295.00 $185.00

Unit 011
John Deere
FE281011 $2,070.00 $517.50 $295.00 $185.00
Unit 012
John Deere
FE286149 $2,070.00 $517.50 $295.00 $185.00
Unit 013
John Deere
276919 $2,070.00 $571.50 $295.00 $185.00

Dump Truck with Salt Plow $250.00

Emergency Management Director Don Lynch announced that one (1) bid was received and was read into the record. Mr. Lynch stated that it is his request to be allowed to review the bid and discuss with the Street Department and other city staff to determine if the bid meets our equipment needs. If all parties are in agreement and the bid references confirmed, he further requests permission to negotiate a contract with this vendor.

A motion was made by Commissioner Shaw, seconded by Commissioner Hall, to accept Mr. Lynch’s request to review the bid with staff, have the vendor checked with the Better Business Bureau and other references and negotiate a contract if the bid is satisfactory. Motion carried 6-0.

AYE: Shaw, Hall, Dykstra, Agee, Harrod, Mainord
NAY: None

AGENDA ITEM NO. 9: New Business (Any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the posting of the agenda)

There was no New Business.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 10: Commissioners Comments

Commissioner Agee shared with the Commission two areas of concern that citizens have asked her about. First, was the issue of there being no Christmas lights at Woodland Park this year. Commissioner Agee spoke with City staff and found that a line was cut during the pool installation and repairs are needed to fix this issue. Secondly, a citizen was concerned about displaced animals during a disaster. Commissioner Agee stated she has spoken with Mr. Chris Thomas and found that animal shelter staff will first try to reunite the animal with their owner. If that is unsuccessful, staff will work with rescue agencies to find a home for the animal. Standard animal shelter procedures would then go into effect in the event those attempts fail.

Vice Mayor Harrod stated that he was given misinformation regarding filing deadlines for a special election in March. He previously considered asking for the City to call for an election for the Ward 1 Commission vacancy at that time. However, the resolution filing period has now passed.

Commissioner Shaw clarified that she is in agreement that there is a need to rehab the Main Street Fire Station; however, she stressed the importance of having confidence in the contractors and their performance. She would like the City to check out all contractors/vendors with the Better Business Bureau.

Commissioner Dykstra stressed the importance of supporting local businesses and encouraged everyone to shop local during the holiday season.

Mayor Mainord mentioned the positive changes taking place in Downtown Shawnee. He noted that many good things are happening in this city, and specifically mentioned the recent bicycle giveaway to underprivileged children. Mayor Mainord asked that everyone pay attention to the good and look for the light instead of focusing on the darkness in the world. He wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 11: Adjournment

There being no further business to be considered, the meeting was adjourned by power of the Chair. (7:24 p.m.)

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