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Date: 8/1/2011Board: City CommissionDocumentType: MinutesWeb Posted: 8/17/2011 3:31:17 PM
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AUGUST 1, 2011 AT 6:30 P.M.

The Board of City Commissioners of the City of Shawnee, County of Pottawatomie, State of Oklahoma, met in Regular Session in the Commission Chambers at City Hall, 9th and Broadway, Shawnee, Oklahoma, Monday, August 1, 2011 at 6:30 p.m., pursuant to notice duly posted as prescribed by law. Mayor Peterson presided and called the meeting to order. Upon roll call, the following members were in attendance.


Absent Frank Sims
Commissioner Ward 1 Commissioner Ward 2

James Harrod Billy Collier
Commissioner Ward 3 Commissioner Ward 4-Vice Mayor

John Winterringer Steve Smith
Commissioner Ward 5 Commissioner Ward 6

ABSENT: Linda Peterson, Pam Stephens



AGENDA ITEM NO. 1: Consider approval of Agenda.

A motion was made by Commissioner Harrod, seconded by Commissioner Sims, to approve the Agenda. Motion carried 5-0.

AYE: Harrod, Sims, Collier, Winterringer, Smith
NAY: None

AGENDA ITEM NO. 2: Consider approval of Consent Agenda:

a. Acknowledge staff will proceed in the instant meeting with the opening and consideration of bids as set forth in Agenda Item Number 7.

b. Budget Amendment – SMA Fund 501

c. Budget Amendment – General Fund 001

d. Minutes from the July 18, 2011 regular meeting.

e. Acknowledge the following minutes and reports:

• License Payment Report June 2011
• Project Payment Report June 2011
• Shawnee Civic and Cultural Development Authority Minutes from May 19, 2011
• Shawnee Beautification Committee Minutes from June 9, 2011

f. Acknowledge Oklahoma Municipal Retirement Fund refund of contributions from the Defined Contribution plan for Teresa Oldham.

g. Acknowledge Oklahoma Municipal Retirement Fund refund of contributions from the Defined Contribution plan for John Shaw.

h. Acknowledge Oklahoma Municipal Retirement Fund refund of contributions from the Defined Contribution plan and Hybrid from the Defined Benefit plan for Zane Qualls.

i. Authorize the Mayor and other City Officials to sign the Federal Aviation (FAA) grant application and any grant related documents required by the FAA and the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission for the following: FAA AIP Project No. 3-40-0088-015-2011; Rehabilitate Runway 17-35; Grade Safety Areas; and Construct Connecting Taxiway

j. Authorize police department to purchase six (6) 2012 Chevy crew cab 4X4 LT pickups budgeted at the state purchasing price of $27,558.50 each making the total cost $165,351.00, funds for the above listed expenditures have been budgeted in capital account #301-5-0620-5450.

k. Approval of correction Quit Claim Deed, 2004 N. Kickapoo, Shawnee, Oklahoma

l. Approve Nomination Order with ONEOK Energy Marketing Company for natural gas purchase.

A motion was made by Commissioner Sims, seconded by Commissioner Harrod, to approve the Consent Agenda Items a – l. Motion carried 5-0.

AYE: Sims, Harrod, Collier, Winterringer, Smith
NAY: None

AGENDA ITEM NO. 3: Citizens Participation
(A three minute limit per person)
(A twelve minute limit per topic)

Mr. Merle Arnold spoke regarding the inconsistent enforcement of trailers within the city limits. He also reported a 250 – 500 gallon butane tank on housing authority property close to downtown Shawnee.

Ms. Olivia Wilson spoke against the proposed $3 million dollar Aquatics Center which is one of the proposed capital improvement projects under discussion. Ms. Wilson felt the money could be better spent planning family events at Woodland Veteran Park.

Ms. Linda Agee spoke in opposition of the proposed capital projects, and in particular the increasing of ad valorem assessments to pay for the projects. She also noted that other Oklahoma cities had built parks/sports complexes for much less that the proposed $20 million contained in the City’s plan.

Mr. Jeff Rodgers, retired Shawnee Police Officer, addressed the Commission regarding his need for a new handicapped accessible van. He stated that his current vehicle is ten years old and he feels the city needs to meet their obligation to purchase a new van.

Mr. Phil Tomlinson spoke regarding the capital improvement projects. He stated that he is supportive of the projects, however, he feels that citizens may not vote for projects that aren’t infrastructure related.

Ms. Theresa Cody stated that she is appreciative of Commissioner Harrod’s stance on the capital project plan. She is opposed to raising sales tax and feels that it will cause more Shawnee citizens to shop in Oklahoma City or Midwest City.

Mr. Fred Turner addressed the Commission regarding city employee pensions. He stated that the city commissioners and city manager are not being forthright about pension liabilities.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 4: Presentation by Larry R. Dillion, McLoud City Manager, of Wes Watkin’s Reservoir Annual Report.

McLoud City Manager Larry Dillon presented the annual report of the Wes Watkin’s Reservoir. Mr. Dillon stated that the news was good in all areas. He reported that 123,000 people visited the area since McLoud assumed management of the park. He stated that the park is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and are within $14,000 of breaking even this year. The Town of McLoud has seen an 8-10% increase in sales tax revenue in the past year due to the visitors in the area.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 5: Presentation by Teri Wyatt, of Oklahoma State Equestrian Association, regarding equestrian trails at North Deer Creek Recreation Area.

Director of Operations James Bryce requested this item be tabled until a later date.

A motion was made by Commissioner Harrod, seconded by Commissioner Sims, to table this item until a later date. Motion carried 5-0.

AYE: Harrod, Sims, Collier, Winterringer, Smith
NAY: None

AGENDA ITEM NO. 6: Discussion on Capital Improvement Projects.

Commissioner Frank Sims began the discussion by explaining the method used by staff and Commissioners to select the projects that are included in the proposed project list. Regarding the Regional Park project, he noted that our park is a 160 acre project that will include a pond for fishing/boating. In addition to the baseball, softball and soccer fields, a lacrosse field is also planned. He noted that a park in Chickasha, which costs $10 million dollars, only encompassed 56 acres.
Regarding the Aquatics Center he stated that this is a quality of life issue that will be a real asset to the community.
Commissioner Sims further noted the improvements needed at the Expo Center, such as a new parking lot and restroom upgrades.
The Commissioner also stated that Economic Development needs an investment of capital money to bring in manufacturing and retail jobs to our City.
Other projects addressed by Commissioner Sims were transforming the old Al James building into a public safety center, the need for a north side radio tower, street improvements, sidewalks and neighborhood revitalization.
Commissioner Sims closed by stating he would like to see a public hearing set for citizens to provide input.

Commissioner James Harrod spoke next regarding the capital projects. He stated that he thought $50 million dollars would present too much of a burden on taxpayers. He stated that he would be more likely to support a $15 million in General Obligation bonds over a ten year period rather than $30 million over a twenty year period.
Speaking specifically about the proposed projects, he stated that the Regional Park could be done it two phases, rather than all at once.
Commissioner Harrod noted he felt that other agencies would benefit from a northside radio tower, and they should help with the financing of it.
Regarding Economic Development, he noted that it could not be paid for from ad valorem proceeds. Further, even if jobs were created, we do not currently have the workforce to fill those positions. He suggested the City work with Gordon Cooper Vo-Tech to train and provide additional workers.
Addressing the proposed Public Safety Center, he felt the City was still unsure of the amount needed to complete the project and more estimates should be obtained.
Commissioner Harrod would like to see the Chamber of Commerce conduct a public survey to get an idea of what people truly want and would be willing to vote for before it is placed on a ballot.

Vice Mayor Billy Collier asked the citizens to provide input on this issue and suggested that a public hearing be set as soon as possible to allow citizens to further address this issue. He will be in contact with city staff to try to schedule the public hearing as soon as schedules allow.

Commissioner Smith stated he was pleased that so many citizens were commenting on the projects and encourage more citizens to do the same. He assured citizens that the Commission is not making concrete decisions and that everything is still open for discussion. He stated that their job was to try to do everything possible to meet the needs of the greatest number of people. Commissioner Smith stated that while wanting Shawnee to grow, it has to grow with the will of the people.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 7: Consider Bids:

a. Rehabilitate Runway 17-35; Grade Safety and Construction Connecting Taxiway. AIP Project 3-40-0088-015-2011.- Contract No. COS-PW-11-01 (Open)


Haskell Lemon Construction $3,356,147.00
Oklahoma City, OK $249,030.00 (alternate)

Assistant Airport Manager Rex Hennen read the bids into the record and requested that the bid award be deferred to the next meeting to allow staff to review and check references.

A motion was made by Commissioner Harrod, seconded by Commissioner Sims, to defer the bid award to the August 15, 2011 City Commission meeting. Motion carried 5-0.

AYE: Harrod, Sims, Collier, Winterringer, Smith
NAY: None

AGENDA ITEM NO. 8: New Business (Any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the posting of the agenda)

There was no New Business.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 9: Administrative Reports

There was no Administrative Reports.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 10: Commissioners Comments

Commissioner Harrod noted that infrastructure improvements, such as water and sewer lines, come from the Shawnee Municipal Authority fund and would not be affected by General Obligation bonds or sales tax increases. He noted the recent water rate increase as an example of how the Authority makes improvements such as the new 30” water line and pumps and controls at the water treatment plant.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 11: Adjournment

There being no further business to be considered, a motion was made by Commissioner Sims, seconded by Commissioner Winterringer, that the meeting be adjourned. Motion carried 5-0. (7:29 p.m.)

AYE: Sims, Winterringer, Smith, Harrod, Collier
NAY: None




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