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Date: 7/21/2008Board: City CommissionDocumentType: MinutesWeb Posted: 8/5/2008 8:31:32 AM
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JULY 21, 2008 AT 6:30 P.M.

The Board of City Commissioners of the City of Shawnee, County of Pottawatomie, State of Oklahoma, met in Regular Session in the Commission Chambers at City Hall, 9th and Broadway, Shawnee, Oklahoma, Monday, July 21, 2008 at 6:30 p.m., pursuant to notice duly posted as prescribed by law. Mayor Mills presided and called the meeting to order. Upon roll call, the following members were in attendance.

Chuck Mills

Absent Tom Schrzan
Commissioner Ward 1-Vice Mayor Commissioner Ward 2

Marva O’Neal Billy Collier
Commissioner Ward 3 Commissioner Ward 4

Absent Carl Holt
Commissioner Ward 5 Commissioner Ward 6

ABSENT: Stephens, Peterson



AGENDA ITEM NO. 1: Consider approval of Agenda:

A motion was made by Commissioner Schrzan, seconded by Commissioner Holt, to approve the Agenda. Motion carried 5-0.

AYE: Schrzan, Holt, O’Neal, Mills, Collier
NAY: None

AGENDA ITEM NO. 2: Consider approval of Consent Agenda:

a. Minutes from the July 7, 2008 meeting.
b. Budget amendments for CDBG: 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 Entitlement Grant Fund, and Home Rehab Program Income

c. Appropriation of Beginning Fund Balance – Capital Improvement Fund 301 – Skate Park

d. Appropriation of Beginning Fund Balance – Capital Improvement Fund 301 – Life Park Clock

e. Appropriation of Beginning Fund Balance – E911 Fund 102 – Emergency Generator and the 20 KW UPS

f. Appropriation of Grant Funds Shawnee Airport Authority 511

g. Appropriation of Beginning Balance – Cemetery Perpetual Fund 702 – New East Side Gates

h. Acknowledge the following reports and minutes:

• Shawnee Beautification Committee minutes from June 2, 2008
• Sister Cities Council minutes from June 10, 2008
• Sales Tax Collections through July 2008

i. Acknowledge donation to the Shawnee Police Department by SPD Sergeant Rick Greenland, CEO of Oklahoma K-9 Academy LLC of “Nike” police service dog which was delivered to Officer Steve Hudgins along with 80 hours of initial handler training and certification.

j. Approve Inter-local Cooperative Agreement with District 23 Drug and Violent Crime Task Force.

k. Acknowledge Shawnee Industrial Authority Audit for years ended September 30, 2007 and September 30, 2006

l. Acknowledge Workers Compensation Settlement in the amount of $17,340.00 to Darryl Bordeaux.

m. Acknowledge receipt of DEQ water line permit (WL000063080611) issued for The Timbers Addition II water line improvements.
n. Acknowledge receipt of DEQ sanitary sewer line permit (SL000063080612) issued for the Timbers Addition II sanitary sewer improvements.

o. Acknowledge receipt of DEQ water line permit (WL000063080168) issued for Vanguard Addition Section I water line improvements.

p. Acknowledge receipt of DEQ sanitary sewer permit (SL000063080169) issued for Vanguard Addition Section I sanitary sewer improvements.

q. Approve Supplemental Agreement No. 1 with CP3 Enterprises, Inc., to reduce the total construction cost of the following project: “Reconstruct a Portion of the Apron Serving Hangars 13 and 49, COS Project No. COS-PW-07-09, FAA AIP Project No. 3-40-0088-012-2008”.

r. Authorize staff to advertise for bids on the construction of the skate park.

s. Lake Site Lease Renewals and Transfers:
• Lot 7 Renfro Tract, 15813 Sleepy Hollow
L. Hinkle

• Lot 1 Johnston Tract, 16816 Magnino Rd
J. Roberts and D. Roberts

• Lot 1 & Lot 2 Green Tract, 32201 & 32203 Hornbeck Rd
To: D. Green and K. Green
From: L. Carnes

• Lot 12 South School Tract, 15225 South School Rd
To: G. Kennedy and C. Kennedy
From: M. Shelley

• Lot 8 Eckel Tract, 15203 Eckel Rd
To: H. E. Davis
From: H. H. Davis
t. Approve Oklahoma Municipal Retirement Fund refund of contributions from the Defined Contribution plan for Travis Gates.

u. Mayor’s appointments:
Airport Advisory Board
Mr. Mike Langley –reappointment 2nd term to expire 7/1/11
Planning Commission
Mr. Brad Carter –– 1st term to expire 6/1/11
Traffic Commission
Ms. Sylvia Cobb – reappointment 2nd term to expire 1/1/11
Ms. Deena Harris – reappointment 2nd term to expire 1/1/11
Ms. Theresa Cody – appointment 1st term to expire 1/1/11
Zoning Board of Adjustment
Mr. Paul Bass – reappointment 2nd term to expire 6/1/11
Mr. Bob East – reappointment 2nd term to expire 6/1/11
Mr. Dennis Morris – reappointment 1st full term to expire 6/1/10

Before voting on the Consent Agenda, Commissioner Holt noted that Agenda Item 19 concerning the adjournment; needs to reflect that Commissioner Peterson seconded the adjournment not Commissioner Collier. Also Acting City Manager Phyllis Loftis requested that Agenda Item 2(i) be pulled and considered at a future date and no action is required at this time.

A motion was made by Commissioner Schrzan, seconded by Commissioner O’Neal, to approve Consent Agenda Item No. 2 (b-u), less (a) and (i), as presented. Motion carried 5-0.

AYE: Schrzan, O’Neal, Mills, Collier, Holt
NAY: None

A motion was made by Commissioner Holt, seconded by Commissioner Collier, to approve Agenda Item 2(a) concerning July 7, 2008 City Commission minutes with noted correction. Motion carried 5-0.

AYE: Holt, Collier, Schrzan, O’Neal, Mills
NAY: None

AGENDA ITEM NO. 3: Citizens Participation (A three minute limit per person)
(A twelve minute limit per topic)

Shawnee resident Sam Howard has a problem with a Shawnee Police Officer. Mr. Howard had filed a complaint which went to the review board. The review board found in favor of the officer. Mr. Howard had telephone communications with the Chief of Police and was not satisfied with the results of that conversation. Mayor Mills advised complaints need to be made to the City Manager’s office, not the City Commission and that he should call and make an appointment to meet with the City Manager.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 4: Consider a resolution to name the pocket park at Broadway and Main Street “Tom Terry Park”.

Resolution No. 6333 was introduced and read aloud.


A motion was made by Commissioner Schrzan, seconded by Commissioner Holt, that Resolution No. 6333 be approved. Motion carried 5-0.

AYE: Schrzan, Holt, O’Neal, Mills, Collier
NAY: None

AGENDA ITEM NO. 5: Introduction of new Allied Waste General Manager and opportunity for City Commission to ask questions.

Mr. John Schafer introduced himself to the City Commission and gave a brief review of his history with Allied Waste. Mr. Schafer has taken responsibility for the City of Shawnee account beginning July 7, 2008, and has met with Operations Manager Toni Gray on July 9, 2008. Allied Waste has ordered more polycarts and there should not be a future problem with getting the carts to people who need them. Mr. Schafer has discussed the problems with “green” pickup on Wednesdays with his employees and they are looking at ways to address this problem.
Mayor Mills asked about his plan to rectify problems with service. Mr. Schafer answered that first, the additional containers ordered should help and second, they are now looking at routes to see where improvements can be made.

Commissioner Schrzan inquired of Mr. Schafer if he had read the contract and then how many employees Allied Waste had to service the residents of Shawnee. Mr. Schafer responded that there are three routes run four days a week, approximately 800 homes per route with one route on Wednesday for “green” pickup and they use some temporary labor.

Commissioner O’Neal asked about response time for customer complaints (missed pickup). Mr. Schafer responded that missed pickups called in should be taken care of the same day, if not by the next day at the latest.

Commissioner Collier has noticed the southeast part of the city has a problem with green waste not being picked up on a consistent basis. At one time it was four weeks with no pickup in his neighborhood. Mr. Schafer advised that new routes for Wednesdays should help with this problem.

Commissioner Holt is concerned about the elderly and handicapped not having a sticker on their polycart to advise the driver they require help. He would like Allied to provide stickers and a list to drivers of those in need of help. Commissioner Holt also wanted to know if the cart is full can bags be stacked on or beside the cart for pickup. He has also had complaints from the residents with handicapped decals that the drivers will take the carts out but not put them back. Mr. Schafer advised the trash must all be in the carts and if it will not fit, additional carts are available for $4.00 each per month. Commissioner Holt also stated that we need to remind the residents that the carts can’t be picked up if cars are blocking the carts.

Mayor Mills has had complaints about the customer service at the landfill regarding the size of loads that can be brought in, the treatment by Allied Waste employees, and about the hours. The local landfill hours are 8 a.m. to 12 noon on Saturdays from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Mr. Schafer provided contact information for his office to the staff and noted the first contact should be with the Shawnee office.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 6: New Business (Any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the posting of the agenda)

There was no New Business.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 7: Administrative Reports

Under Administrative Reports, Airport Manager Rex Hennen relayed that the Civil Air Patrol Cadets are training at the Shawnee airport this Saturday through Tuesday. They are a large group of people and he is selling a lot of fuel.

Utility Director Jim Bierd reported his department is working with DEQ to come into compliance on all issues. Sludge ponds have been out of compliance for some time but a contract is now out to take care of the problem. THM’s have not been out of compliance for some time, the chloramines have helped take care of the problem. Two notices that went out in the water billing have been rescinded. Within the next year he expects to be in compliance on everything.

Mayor Mills congratulated Mr. Bierd on the accomplishments made in the recent past dealing with water quality.

James Bryce, Deputy Operations Director, reported on the agenda item regarding the skate park. He has requested bids for the skate park with concrete and labor and with just labor in case we get the concrete donated. Mr. Bryce also reported he has received the municipal pool study draft and should have a recommended plan by the end of the month with a presentation to the Commission.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 8: Commissioners Comments

Under Commissioners Comments, Commissioner Holt had met with the cadets and organizers of the Civil Air Patrol Academy and was very impressed with the program and the people involved.

Commissioner Schrzan wanted to congratulate the Board of the Expo Center for another successful rodeo. He also thanked the staff for shortening the agenda.

Mayor Mills presented a list of accomplishments made by the City of Shawnee in the last four years. Mayor Mills also stated that Jim Collard was a good city manager and due to good management we now have a surplus to work with. He wished “Good Luck” to all the candidates running for city offices and told them there are opportunities for accomplishing much more.

AGENDA ITEM NO. 9: Adjournment

There being no further business to be considered, a motion was made by Commissioner Schrzan, seconded by Commissioner O’Neal, that the meeting be adjourned. Motion carried 5-0. (7:27 p.m.)

AYE: Schrzan, O’Neal, Mills, Collier, Holt
NAY: None





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