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City of Shawnee Code Enforcement

From: Chief Code Official
Date: April 6, 2001
Re: Deed Approval Procedure for Lot Consolidation

Application for deed approval review shall be filed with the Director.

The application shall consist of the following: The New Deed, with legal description to be approved, and copies of original deed(s) affected shall be submitted for approval concurrently.

A certified survey, prepared by a land surveyor, registered in the State of Oklahoma showing the following.

  1. The legal description of the subject tract
  2. Scale, north arrow and date;
  3. Name and address of owner of record;
  4. Key map showing the location of the subject tract, parcel or lot referenced to existing and proposed major streets and government section lines:
  5. Location of existing structures, dedicated and/or private streets where they adjoin and/or are immediately adjacent to the lot adjustment, showing widths were applicable;
  6. Easements and location of public utilities to serve the tract, parcel or lot showing widths where applicable;
  7. Original signature and seal of the registered land surveyor preparing the plat of survey properly

Deeds of tracts or lots bordering the proposed deed approval, if deemed necessary by the Director.

A filing fee in the amount of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) shall accompany each deed submitted for deed approval application. The filing fee is not refundable.

The Director shall review the application and may submit it for review and comment to other agencies and/or departments, as he/she deems necessary.

Chief Code Official