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Information Systems

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The mission of the City of Shawnee Information Systems department is to continuously improve the City of Shawnee through the development, application and support of technological solutions within the City thereby empowering City staff and management to face the current and future challenges of providing the best services to City of Shawnee Citizens. 
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The City of Shawnee Information Systems Department oversees the operation, maintenance, deployment and utilization of all City of Shawnee computer, technical and peripheral equipment, software, websites, embedded systems, and many other aspects of technology use within the City. The department is currently staffed by three employees, a Chief Information Officer, a Network Technician and a Software Support Specialist.  The Information Systems area is responsible for;

Staff Picture Stephen Nolen
Dept: Information Systems

Position: Chief Information Officer

Stephen Nolen is the Chief Information Officer for the City of Shawnee Oklahoma. He has been with Shawnee since January 2000 and previously server as the IT Director for the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and the Data Processing Director / Assistant to City Manager for the City of Tecumseh. Mr. Nolen has been involved in municipal or tribal government since 1991 and has worked in the Information Technology field since the early 80ís.
  • All Computer systems
    The City of Shawnee has a mixture of Microsoft Windows servers, and Windows Workstations.  We manage about 220 desktop systems and over 10 servers.

  • Network Infrastructure
    This includes all networks including Local Area (LAN) and Wide Area (WAN) systems. The city utilizes 1000base-T copper Ethernet and fiber optic technology for network interconnects. A dedicated T1 is used to connect Fire station #2. Cable modem connections provide connectivity to some outlying facilities with Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnel connections used. Additionally a couple analog dialup sites are still in service. Various point to point wireless system are utilized to connect remote locations.

  • Internal servers
    The Information Systems area and the Systems Administrator position is directly responsible for maintaining the various servers currently in service. This includes all physical locations. Servers include Exchange email server, file/print server, application/terminal service servers, CAD/Dispatch server, mobile data system server, Imaging system server, web server and ISA/Firewall/Gateway server.

  • Computer Peripherals
    Information systems manages a centralized ink/toner inventory to avoid duplicated inventory across departments and provide for proper printer maintenance when supplies are required.

  • Web sites
    The Information Systems area maintains the web server systems (Public, Intranet, and Imaging) and manages the content of the web sites for the City. All database connectivity such as online Warrants, Residential Sales, Action Center activity, CompStat, etc was developed and implemented using in house skills.

  • City Connect/Channel 30
    Responsible for video server system, recording, editing, conversing and publishing/scheduling City Commission meetings. Also responsible for conversion, scheduling and publishing of PSA announcements and City Connect episodes on Channel 30 and the City Web Site.

  • Access Control System
    Responsible for operation, expansion and day to day maintenance of the City side access control system including remote nodes, card readers and door/gate controllers.

  • Digital Video Recording (DVR) Systems
    The City uses various video security recording systems. Information Systems installs, maintains and supports all DVR systems within the City.
  • General Software Applications
    Information Systems supports the basics of all software utilized within the City of Shawnee including INCODE Financials/CRM/Etc, Firehouse Software, Global Computer Aided Dispatch / Records Management System, Fleet Management, Microsoft Office Suites, and other software applications.


Member AITP
Association of Information Technology Professionals