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Staff Activity Report - January 20th-26th, 2013
* City Hall Parking Lot Improvements
> Preliminary design plans for a proposed parking lot have been completed at the site of where the old Al & James Grocery once stood. Prelim plans are under review for added comments from City Administration. City is in process of having underground storage tank (UST) removed which will need to be done before any parking lot work can be started. Preliminary cost estimate for the parking lot project is at $210,573 and if project is to be done this fiscal year then funding must first be identified because this project was not a budgeted project this year.
* Bryan & Independence Intersection Traffic Signal Project
> Project was awarded to Traffic & Lighting Systems in the amount of $198,562.60. Work is 100% complete and traffic signals are in operation, however, there are several items on the punch list that contractor will complete by next week. Final as-built quantities being determined for determination of final construction costs. Staff not completed with as-built determination of final construction costs, thus, project will be brought forward for acceptance and placing maintenance bond into effect upon completion of as-built quantities of work determination at the February 18, 2013 City Commission meeting..
* Rehab Concrete Streets Project (FY11-12)
> City Commission awarded the project to All Roads in the amount of $387,409.00. All Roads Paving has begun work on Independence east of Sequoyah with removal and replacement of badly broken and cracked concrete paving panels. Work is 45% complete. Work on Independence Street will continue in this area for the next 5-7 weeks. Work on Independence Street is on-going.
* Airport Trails Project
> City Commission awarded project to Bishop Paving in the amount of $633,409.90. Work on the track has begun, and Contractor has completed removal of existing track. CKD base stabilization has begun and is on-going, expected to be completed in the next two weeks barring any bad weather. Overall, project is approximately 10% complete. By Contract they have 180 days to complete the reconstruction of approximately 3.75 miles of 10 foot trail being installed. This project will be a complete removal and replacement of the City existing trail(s) around the Airport, and trail widened to 10 feet, approximately 3.75 miles of trail. Anticipate construction being completed by June 2013.
* Main Street Streetscape Project
> Field survey work has been completed and submitted to City for review. Preliminary design work has been started as time allows on this project. Project design will follow closely the design layout that was used on the Bell Street Streetscape Project. Preliminary design is approximately 50% complete.
* Kickapoo Street Widening Project (no change on project this week)
> ODOT awarded the Kickapoo Paving Project to Haskell-Lemon Construction for a total project construction cost of $10,930,517.98 (including water line costs) at their December 3rd Transportation Commission meeting. Brewer Construction, a subcontractor of Haskel-Lemon will be doing all the waterline relocation and improvements, as well as installation of all the drainage and storm sewer improvements. Work is scheduled to begin on Feb 11, 2013 at the Kickapoo Spur location with work progressing northward. First section (or phase) of construction will be from the Spur to Independence Street and once that section is completed that Contractor will then move forward from Independence to Federal, and so on.
Project is estimated to take 18-24 months construction time. Kickapoo will not be closed, and two-way traffic will be maintained at all times.
* Federal Street Bridge Repair Project (no change on project this week)
> Plans, bid documents, and specifications had been completed by City Staff. The project was let for bids and at the last City Commission meeting the project was awarded to PbX Corporation in the amount of $685,565. Pre-work meeting is scheduled for February 13th to go over the project and logistics of scheduling work. Anticipate issuing a Notice to Proceed by the first week in April, and Contractor will have 3 months to complete. There are several utilities hanging from the bridge deck, the most critical is the ONG gas line that feeds the eastern part of Shawnee, and ONG has requested that work not start until after the winter months because they are unable to route the amount of gas that flows through this line to adequately serve the east side of Shawnee.
* Bell Street Streetscape Project (from Farrall to 7th Street) (no change on project this week)
> Design plans have been completed on the sidewalk from 7th to Farrall, and the City has received back approval for an enhanced lighted crosswalk across Farrall. ODOT had conducted a recent traffic and pedestrian study and came back with the conclusion that no warrants were met for signalization or crosswalk improvements; however, they have given the City to install inpaving yellow strobe lights actuated by pedestrians and a lighted flashing crosswalk signage when in use. Also we received back the OG&E cost proposal on installing decorative lighting along the sidewalk. Cost of OG&E lighting will be approximately $30,050.20. City received 7 bids ranging from $95,000 to $164,000. Staff is compiling bid tabulations and will report back to the City Commission at their February 4, 2013 Commission meeting with a recommendation.
* City Wide Streets Evaluation & Inspection (no change on project this week)
> Work expected to start shortly after the Thanksgiving Holidays and take approximately 4-5 months to complete. Street selections and recommendations for upcoming street paving projects anticipated to be presented to City Commission in April 2013. Evaluations are on-going.
Street Department
> Repaired the following water-cuts: Grant & McKinley(7x12), 1327 N. Union(9x10), 1312 E. Alice(9x23, 50% complete; still leaking), 1805 E. 9th(7x20), 126 High.(34x19, 50% complete), 1203 N. Union(28x11), 19 Severn(13x15), and Main east of Harrison(11x6, 50% complete)
> Repaired a valve-cut at Kickapoo& Burns(4x4, 50% complete)
> Bladed the following roads: Daley Lane, Terrell Road, Nix Allen, Wolverine, Perry Road, Pecan Grove, Lake Road, Archery Range, Walker North, Horn Beck Road, Patterson Road, Westech, Buck Lane, Rose Lane, and Wuanda Lane
Traffic Control Division
> Replaced street markers for Wayne & Shawnee and Kickapoo & Industrial Way
> Replaced signal lamp for southbound red at Benedict & Kickapoo
> Replaced loop detector for southbound left turn signal at I-40 & Kickapoo (Interstate Pkwy)
> Set up and recovered work zone for Utility Department on Kickapoo (Burns - Dill)
> Set up and recovered work zone for Utility Department on Jefferson (McKinley - Harrison)
> Set up and recovered work zone for Street Department on Union (Drummond - Morgan)
> Installed the 3rd Penny Sales Tax signs on Kickapoo
> Replaced signal lamps for northbound red and northbound green at Broadway & Highland
> Set up work zone Utility Department on Beard (Georgia - Pulaski)
> Worked on type I & II barricades
> Checked type I barricades that came in from the field

UTILITY DEPARTMENT/Steve Nelms, Interim Director
* Water Treatment Plant (Staff of 10)
> Average production: *MGD - 3.824 Last week: *MGD - 4.844
> Pumped 99,323,000 MG to date compared to 77,066,000 MG for same period last year
> Completed installation of the new 30 inch water line to the clear well
> Performed routine plant maintenance and water testing
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily
* Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant (Staff of 7)
> Flows averaged: *MGD - 1.029 **BOD - 13 mg/l ***TSS - 0 mg/l
> Performed routine maintenance and testing on the plant
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily **BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand ***TSS: Total Suspended Solids
* Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant (Staff of 7)
> Flows averaged: *MGD - 1.056 **BOD - 3.5 mg/l ***TSS - 4.1 mg/l
> 352,000 gallons of bio-solids have been hauled so far this month
> Performed routine maintenance and testing on the plant
*MGD: Million Gallons Daily **BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand ***TSS: Total Suspended Solids
* Water Distribution (Staff of 11)
> Service Calls - 87, Water/Sewer Line Locates - 52, Leak Checks - 20, Cut-offs Replaced - 2, Reset Water Meters - 2, and Main Breaks Repaired - 2
> Repaired the following main breaks: 8” main at 1203 N. Union and a 6” main at 818 E. Jefferson
> Replaced 5 ft. of service line at 136 S. Dixon
> Installed new service line at 921 E. Main
> Worked Shop Tickets
* Valve Maintenance (staff of 3)
> Located/performed serviceability check on valves at the following locations: 501 N. Aydelotte, Highland & Chapman, Pottenger & Highland, Benedict & Pottenger, Kickapoo & Kickapoo Spur, Benedict & Kickapoo, 1301 N. Union, Poplar & Pottenger, Ford & Pottenger, Ford & Chapman, Pottenger & Dill, Chapman & Dill, and Jefferson & Kirk
> Raised/realigned valve boxes at the following locations: Pottenger & Kirk and Arapaho & Mojave.
> Repaired existing valves at the following locations: 935 N. Kickapoo and Cammack & Park
> Eliminated valve at the following location: McKinley & Wayne
* Wastewater Collection (Staff of 7)
> Sewer lines flushed - 7,050 ft. Flushed (year to date) - 48,625 ft.
> Total Service Calls - 22, Sewer Lines Checked - 8, Lift Stations Checked - 15, and Emergency Sewer Calls - 10
> Installed a new 18” PVC sewer main in the alley east of the 1500 block of N. Kickapoo
> Worked on the preventative maintenance flusher list and maintenance on Lift Stations
* Capital Projects
> Water Line Replacement Project Midland Street
This week Jordan Contractors completed installing the 12” water line and the 6” water line. The overall project is 70% complete
> Utility System Master (no change on project this week)
Contract awarded to SRB (Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC) for an amount to not exceed $549,460. A Notice to Proceed was issued on June 25, 2012. SRB has started work on the Wastewater Hydraulic Model.
> Sanitary Sewer Rehab Project (Pipe Bursting) (no change on project this week)
Budgeted project amount is $1,000,000.00. This project will begin in the Spring of 2013.

* Planning
> Staff worked to close-out two large multifamily projects; conducted final inspections and associated closure requirements.
> Staff met with representatives from various companies planning expansion and construction.
> Code compliance staff continued its emphasis on eradication of dilapidated structures.
> The Action Center currently has 110 active cases.
> Staff continued work on implementation of the Wayfinding Study.
* Current Projects (no change on projects this week)
> Façade Grant Program
Round 2 Façade Grants are now available and are due in February 2013.
> Land Development Code
Staff continues work on revising the City’s development regulations. The Planning Commission will hold a workshop session on February 6, 2013.
> Downtown Streetscape Project
Staff is awaiting a funding decision from ODOT on a Transportation Enhancement Grant that was submitted almost two years ago. A survey was recently done of the area and engineering and design work is ongoing so that the project can be bid immediately upon notice of funding decision. Phase 2 of the Streetscape Plan will improve a four-block area of Main Street with new sidewalks, landscaping, street lights, signal lights, pedestrian improvements and utility work. If the City is not successful obtaining a grant, a reduced Phase 2 project will still be implemented.
> Wayfinding Study Implementation
Staff is preparing to bid the wayfinding (signage) project in early 2013. At present, review of the previous implementation plan and the preparation of documents for bid are underway.

PARKS/CEMETERY/EQUIPMENT SERVICES/James Bryce, Director of Operations
* Parks Maintenance Division (Staff of 10)
> Daily cleanup route on Main Street and in city parks
> Preparing equipment for herbicide spraying
> Removing dead trees at the Lake and in town
> Performing various repairs and graffiti removal in several city parks and buildings
* Cemetery Division (staff of 4)
> No burials last week
> Leveling markers and preparing equipment for herbicide spraying
* Central Garage (Staff of 6)
> 14 units in last week with 17 total repairs
* Current Projects
> Municipal Swimming Pool architect selected; will be submitted for Commission approval
> New Library furniture has been delivered
> Removal of fuel storage tank at City Hall (ready to hire a contractor) (no change on project)
> Preparing a project list for National Guard volunteers (no change on project)
> AC repair at City Hall and new AC at Auditorium (Estimate received) (no change on project)

AIRPORT/Rex Hennen, Assistant Airport Manager
* Airport Advisory Board
> Regular monthly meeting scheduled for February 20, 2013
* Runway Rehabilitation Project (no change on project)
> Construction substantially complete; full runway open
> FAA has requested minor wiring modifications to MALSR lights
> Project won the National Asphalt Pavement Association’s “2012 Quality in Construction (QIC) Award”!
> Project also runner up for Oklahoma Asphalt Pavement Association’s “Airport Paving
Project of the Year”!
* Foreign Trade Zone Application (no change on project)
> FTZ application has been approved
> Staff will work with SEDF to market the Airport’s new designation
* “Oklahoma Certified Site Program - Aerospace Park” (no change on project)
> Application is being completed by SEDF and airport staff

EXPOSITION CENTER/Mike Jackson, Operations Manager
> January 21, OG & E Meeting, Conference Center, Upstairs
> January 26-27, HOYRA (Youth Rodeo) Fred Humphrey Pavilion
> Staff tore down from Triangle Horse Sale & setup for HOYRA
* Comfort Station Project (no change on project)
> Patterson & Associates Construction award bid for roof replacement, siding, and gutter on four (4) comfort stations in the amount of $47,019.00

FIRE DEPARTMENT/David Short, Chief
* Suppression
> Responded to 109 emergency calls: Breakdown of calls: Fires - 3, Good Intent Calls - 12,
Rescue/EMS - 78, Service Calls - 11, False Alarms - 3, Hazardous Conditions - 1, and
Overpressure Rupture, Explosion: 1
* Prevention
Plan Reviews
> Fire Alarm Systems: OBU Apartments (500 W. University) and South Rock Creek School
> Shawnee Memory Care at 1723 Airport Drive (fire sprinkler system)
New Construction
> Cottage Park at 1702 N. Kickapoo
Requested/Administrative Inspections
> Elaine Ellis Daycare at 1916 N. Pennsylvania
> St. Anthony Clinic at 2801 N. Saratoga
> VFW at 811 E. MacArthur
> Sequoyah Elementary School at 1401 E. Independence
Follow-up Inspection
> Avonlea Cottage at 789 Country Grove
> St. Anthony remodel/expansion
* Training
> Probationary Fire Fighter three (3) month skills assigned
> Continuation Training seven (7) Probationary Fire Fighters
> Chief Short attended the OFCA Winter Workshop in Stillwater on January 24-25, 2012

* Communications Technician
> Performed EOC Radio Tests on Wednesday morning
* Emergency Management Technician
> Attended Pipeline Group meeting in Seminole on Tuesday
> Worked on draft City Commission Briefing Book
> Completed addressing for apartment complex on Acme Road
> Entered data for 2 storm shelter registries into database
* Emergency Management Director
> Attended Pipeline Safety meeting in Seminole on Tuesday
> Participated in EM Radio Tests on Tuesday night
> Meeting with representatives of Blackboard Connect on new product suite on Thursday
* Current Projects (no change on projects this week)
> Telephone System Replacement
Recommendation presented at the January 21 City Commission Meeting. Process of coordinating contract with vendor under way
> Narrowbanding
VHF base station have been re programmed and are connected to Consoles in EOC and Dispatch
Mobile radios in Fire Department have been reprogrammed
Fire Station control stations are awaiting installation/reprogramming from Total Radio
Community warning siren radios are waiting reprogramming
> 800 MHz Upgrade/Enhancement
RF Engineering study results received from vendor showing improved coverage with addition of north repeater tower site. Vendor processing paperwork to request FCC Licenses to add 3 more frequencies at current site and 10 new frequencies for North Repeater Site. Frequencies to become available for coordination/application process at the end of January, 2013.Application for new frequencies filed with Federal Communications Commission.

* Police
> Reports: 165 / Total Citations: 78 / Handwritten Citations: 57 / E-Citations: 21 (26.92%)
> Arrests: 51
> Warrant sweep operation
* Dispatch
> Managed 1714 calls for service (Police/Fire/EMS)
* COPs Grant Program
> Worked drug tips, Mall patrol, and assisted evening and day shift patrols
> Special assignment and assisted the DA’s office
> Followed up on homicide investigation
> Processed search warrant
> Assisted with warrant sweep
> 2 arrested for trafficking methamphetamine
> Taxi cab sting operation
> 50 Cases Forwarded to CID for Review
> 8 Felony Cases Assigned / 1 Other Case Assigned
> 9 Felony Cases Cleared / 3 Other Cases Cleared
> 8 Felony Cases Filed through DA’s Office
> 3 Total Arrests Made
> $2,166.36 Total Property Recovered
* Accreditation: Lt. King, Accreditation Manager
> Working on preparing the department for State Accreditation and proofs of compliance
> Working on Criminal Justice Information Services Facility Protection & Security requirements
> Instructed Supervisor Liability Course for CLEET & SPD and In-Service policy training
* Evidence
> Number of evidence items brought in: 20 Number of evidence items released: 2
> Number of found property items taken in: 2 Found property items returned to owner: 1
* Animal Control
>Calls Responded: 78 >Impounded animals: 17 >Animals reclaimed: 4 >Animals adopted: 2
* Staff
> Police Officers-59 / 2 open positions / 1 in FTO Training / 2 on extended leave / 54 available
for service
> Dispatch positions-13 / 10 available for service / 2 in training / 2 open positions / 1 on extended leave
> Animal Control Positions-4 / 4 available for service

INFORMATION SYSTEMS/Steve Nolen, Chief Information Officer
No report submitted this week

FINANCE DEPARTMENT/Cynthia Sementelli, Finance
No report submitted this week

No report submitted this week



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